Friday, January 21, 2011

KuLit hiTaM mAniS iS siMpLy swEet !

Berkulit hitam manis..??
you shud be happy that Allah bagi kulit hitam manis...
kalau di buatnyer hitam legam..?
lagi ah susah..

well people,
dont look down upon ur self..
im a girl, having kulit hitam manis..
n i've been at that place..
some people like 2 compared our skin with the white skin..
but i tell you what..
usually, our skin can withstand heat better then the white skinned poeple..
an advantage rite..? =)
hard to get skin pigmentation, plusplus our skin is SWEET ! :D

have you ever heard that people say..
"tengok kulit dye.. putih MANIS laahhh..?"
have you..??
never rite..? :D:D:D

"only dark skin people are sweet !"

Never look down upon urself just because people don't appreciate you for who you are..
this are just small minded people who are having trouble with colours..
slowly as you grown up,
these are just small petty things.

The most important is the heart..
no point having a fair skin if your heart is as dark as arang ! wohoo~
the shine of iman in your heart that glows on our face
will overcome any fair/white skinned people..wink2 ;)

"so people, u must proud to be having KULIT HITAM MANIS !"

~ it's simply sweet ! =) ~